The History of NEBS

NEBS is Born

ope手机版下载 was started in 2009 by two partners, Russ Smith and Tony Ciampaglio. They saw the need for a quality and service driven business providing building materials to the metro Boston area. They quickly added the people and resources required to become a leading supplier of lumber & building materials, windows, doors, cabinetry and other related products to professional builders, remodelers and general contractors throughout greater Boston. From a location in Roxbury near downtown Boston, NEBS serves residential and commercial contractors and tradesmen with a wide assortment of lumber, millwork, doors/windows, siding and trim, hardware, gypsum, roofing, insulation, cabinets and floor covering and accessories. In 2013 they were presented the opportunity to partner with Kodiak Building Partners and became part of one of the largest and fastest growing building supply companies in the Country.

NEBS & The Brothers

Today, Co-Presidents Mike and Pat Flood direct the operations of NEBS which serves the greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts markets for lumber and building materials. Fourth generation lumber guys, Mike and Pat began their careers in a family lumberyard in Southern Wisconsin. Mike spent time with Seigle’s in the Chicago market where he was GM of a large LBM and the Engineered Component Division and later was Director of Sales for ITW’s structural hardware business. Pat also spent time with Seigle’s as a GM before returning to Wisconsin where he was general manager for Dunn Lumber, a large independent LBM operation serving South Eastern Wisconsin.

What Makes NEBS Different?

It’s our people. The NEBS family is comprised of industry enthusiasts and veterans who take pride in providing the highest level of service to our customers while also being a resource to help NEBS customers grow their businesses profitably.

Our Business Is Service

And it’s our people who make that happen. Whether it’s an accurate material estimate from our dedicated team of estimators using our digital estimating software or an on-time delivery via one of our 90 boom trucks, our business is service. We continually strive to provide our customers with the highest level of attention with the goal of improving their productivity and profitability. Our staff of estimators is dedicated to providing detailed material take-offs and estimates. Our inside and outside sales teams are industry veterans. Whether its market intelligence or product knowledge, our sales team is a ready resource for our customer. Our yard and delivery teams ensure your order gets on site, complete, on time. We have a fleet of boom, Moffett, flatbed and box trucks that are on the road daily to make that happen.

The Kodiak Connection

Kodiak Building Partner’s vision is to create a platform of diverse and profitable investments across the building materials distribution spectrum.

Kodiak is building an organization with a diverse customer mix including new residential, repair and remodel, and commercial materials distribution.

Kodiak believes that construction is a local business and that decision making should be pushed down to those closest to the customer.

Kodiak is owned by a combination of the management team and private investors, most of whom have been invested with the company since its founding in 2011.

Kodiak has a 10 person board of directors, 8 of whom are non-management and all of whom are investors in the company.


What We Believe

We Are Local

Because of the diversity in building codes and construction practices in the wide variety of markets across the country, construction has to be a local business. At Kodiak, decision making is focused in our individual markets where our employees can best tailor the assortments of goods and services to the needs of their local customers. In addition we retain the names of the businesses we acquire for the trust and recognition that they have earned in the marketplace.

We Are Partners

At Kodiak, we strive to be great partners. For our customers, we strive to adapt our products and services to their needs. For our suppliers, we endeavor to represent their products with a strong marketing effort as well as effective distribution. For our portfolio companies, we provide financial, administrative and operating support to help them grow and become the best that they can be.

We Are Family

Kodiak is a Family. Any one of our competitors can distribute similar products. Our people are truly our greatest and most valued asset. They are what gives us our advantage over our competitors. It is our core belief that if we strive to be a family, not just co-workers, it will lead to great things for each and every one of us.